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About Us




Glocorp Inc, a leading provider of innovative IT solutions, including specifically-designed online hospitality software solutions, has announced the release of Atlantis Online Reservation System, a made-for-hospitality solution that will help the company to reduce the dependencies on the OTA and redirect guests to book direct from the hotel site.


Altantis addresses the growing requirement for hospitality providers to leverage data as one of their most important business assets and enables hotel managers and business analysts to make up-to-the-minute fact-based decisions and capitalize on revenue opportunities.


Our solution identifies industry trends, improves business processes, and uncovers risk areas that might otherwise go unchecked, the company says. Atlantis also removes the multitude of manual reports and spreadsheets-many of which contain errors, omissions, or duplicate information-from the organization.


Atlantis enables breakthrough speed in analytical reports, delivering more customer insights – faster – at a much lower cost. Customer can now better target its customer offers, optimize its business performance and improve customer service.



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